Build a connected workforce with OrgWiki, the social employee directory


with coworkers

Find coworkers on a mobile-friendly employee directory & quickly reach them by phone, email, chat, and social channels. |


about coworkers

Get a better understanding of who coworkers are through rich profiles that include their org chart, job responsibilities, accomplishments, and interests outside of work. |

A connected workforce does great things, together

A connected workforce is passionate about their role in achieving their company’s mission. They believe management cares about their success. And, they have strong relationships with coworkers across the company.

The modern workforce is increasingly made up of remote and mobile employees who need to efficiently find and contact coworkers. They want to stay updated on company news & events, and feel engaged every day in a work community.

OrgWiki delivers a social employee directory that transforms the way employees connect, communicate and engage with each other. We help promote a culture created through the positive interactions of coworkers.


With OrgWiki, IT organizations can provide employees with a directory and social network that gives them a unique, company-wide perspective of their workplace. It is a low maintenance and easy-to-deploy cloud application, built on a self-governing wiki paradigm that users will love.


OrgWiki is $3 per employee, per month.

Zero implementation cost.

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Getting Started is Easy

Leverage employee data that is already in your HR system or LDAP directory to provision users.

Use Google or Okta for a seamless authentication experience.

Let OrgWiki drive adoption of the application.


Create/upload employee file Download template
or auto-import with Okta Provisioning More Details


Invite employees to complete their OrgWiki profile
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Remove old phone list or company directory

About OrgWiki

OrgWiki delivers a social employee directory that transforms how employees connect, communicate and engage with each other. We help IT organizations provide employees with a unique company-wide perspective of their workplace, leveraging your existing communication and collaboration apps. Our purpose is to make it more convenient, engaging and enjoyable for employees to find information about coworkers, stay updated on organizational change, promote culture and celebrate achievements. OrgWiki is developed by Veeva Systems, a recognized leader in cloud-based software.

Dean Alms

Dean is President of OrgWiki, a division of Veeva Systems. Dean has been developing employee-centric solutions for over 25 years. He has a passion for employee engagement - creating an emotional commitment between employer and employees - and is leading the OrgWiki team and working with customers to achieve this objective.

Sancho Pinto

Sancho is the product lead for OrgWiki. He is passionate about building easy-to-use applications that make employees more productive. Prior to OrgWiki, Sancho drove product management at Salesforce working on products that help sales reps more efficiently research and connect with their prospects.

Basel Qumsiyeh

Basel leads the OrgWiki Development team made up of web, social, mobile and cloud application experts. He was a core developer on the Veeva CRM team before joining Veeva Labs. OrgWiki is a secure, scalable app with a clean and fast user experience under his leadership.

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