Get a clear view into

  • your people
  • your org chart
  • your distribution lists
  • your culture
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OrgWiki is like an internal LinkedIn for our employees.

Tom Ryan, VP of IT

Company Directory

Fastest way to locate and learn about co-workers.

  • Always up to date

  • Profile showing skills, responsibilities and professional or social groups

  • News feed to keep employees updated on company news, and coworker posts

Employee Directory

Org Chart

Up to date view of the organizational structure.

  • Navigate up and down through the org chart

  • Supports direct & dotted line reporting

  • See new hires and title/reporting changes in a single view

Org Chart

Company Contact Manager

Mobile access anywhere, anytime.

  • Quick access to colleagues via phone/text/email

  • Mobile teams can easily find a person in the organization

  • Integrates with phone contact list, messaging and conferencing tools

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Company Contact Manager

Distribution Lists

Save thousands with our automated and self-service tools.

  • Reduce IT costs with delegated list management

  • Automated distribution lists based on location and organizational structure

  • Manage nested lists easily and safely

  • Find contractors and external users on sensitive lists

Employee Directory

Rich Profiles

More than just a picture and phone number.

  • Find out how best to communicate with a colleague

  • Learn about peers - About Us, Skills and social groups

  • Serves as a Linkedin for your enterprise

Rich Profiles

Turnkey Deployment

Provision employee data into OrgWiki with Okta (or upload with a spreadsheet), announce OrgWiki to the company and let the OrgWiki adoption engine do the rest.

Turnkey Deployment
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OrgWiki costs $3 per employee, per month. Zero implementation cost.

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About OrgWiki

We help IT organizations untangle internal communication channels and give their users a clear view into who does what in their companies. OrgWiki is an internally funded startup at Veeva Systems, an enterprise cloud company trusted by over 500 life sciences customers with highly regulated CRM, R&D, and Quality business processes.

We first built OrgWiki internally to help Veeva stay connected as we grew from a venture-backed startup with 400 employees to over 2,000 today in over 30 countries and a successful IPO.